Caspian Russian Sterlet Caviar

The sterlet ("Acipenser ruthenus") is a common Eurasian species of sturgeon, one of the smaller species of sturgeon.

Sterlet caviar having a small to medium in grain size, this unique Caviar has an intense brine finish distinct to Sevruga Caviar. Sterlet Sturgeon produces Caviar rather similar to Sevruga in look and flavor, but has a slightly more regal finish. Rest assured it will compare with the best wild Caviars on the market, not to mention it will be fresher, healthier and fully sustainable, enjoyed for years to come.


Russian Sterlet Caviar 113 gram (4 oz) - 78,00


Russian Sterlet Caviar 226 gram (8 oz) - 126,80


Russian Sterlet Caviar 339 gram (12 oz) - 182,00






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